Does My Lifestyle Affect How My Medications Work?

Supplements / Monday, October 22nd, 2018

The long-term goal of living a Healthy Lifestyle is too rid ourselves of prescription medications but in order to do so you also need to understand how one’s lifestyle affects medications, it is necessary to know a little about how the body processes drugs. The liver produces an enzyme called CYP3A4 that metabolizes chemical medications. Unfortunately, many factors can affect the metabolization of many medications, some including healthy lifestyle choices. 

Biochemistry, Learn How a Healthy Lifestyle can affect your medications and how to live a holistic lifestyle free of prescription drugs.

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How It Works

Biochemistry is a science detailing chemical pathways as they relate to living beings. The focus of this science is the molecular level, how the cells operate, communicate with each other, and how they fight disease. This science covers quite a few scientific categories including forensics, plant science, microbiology, medicine, and genetics. When asking how your lifestyle affects your medications, you’re dealing with biochemistry at its most basic level.

For example, many drink cranberry juice for urinary tract infections. However, cranberry reacts badly with blood thinners, making people bleed more. Women with menstrual problems like cramping and mood swings take black cohosh to control these and other symptoms. I myself have used Cohosh and it works great. Cohosh, though, when taken with statins or acetaminophen, creates liver toxicity.  Also, speak with your doctor to determine why you are having these side effects if it is due to fibroids Black Cohosh can actually lead to fibroid growth. To be safe, consult an herbalist or a holistic medicine practitioner about what natural remedy you wish to use. They’ll tell you what to take that won’t react badly with your medications.


How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Interfere With Medications

Many people have turned to food as they do medicine when it comes to achieving a healthy lifestyle. They eat fresh fruits and veggies for their medicinal effects. However, depending on the medication you take, certain foods can cause an interruption in its process. For example, as WebMD reports, researchers have found that orange and grapefruit juices contain a compound called naringin. This blocks OATP1A2, an enzyme that typically carries drugs into the blood. Apple juice does the same, but researchers to date haven’t found the component causing the trouble. In another example, bananas don’t mix well with ACE inhibitors. Kale, dairy, leafy greens, coffee, and alcohol are also on the list of foods that can cause an issue with the use of medications.

It’s as simple as this: some foods and drugs don’t mix.  A healthy lifestyle affects medications.  If you know that you have a diet you want to keep to, let your physician know. Your physician will let you know of any issues in your preferred diet that could cause problems. And will probably give you a better alternative to consider. Plus, sometimes your physician might recommend that you cut back on certain medications or that you stop taking them all together. One particular example comes with the growing number of people taking advantage of pain medication. According to Prevail Intervention, some of these cases of addiction to medication come from instances where people were only taking them as prescribed at first. In these exceptions, your physician might actually be in favor of you letting go of these medication. And in these cases, you can seek to live a more healthy lifestyle


Supplements and Herbs Can Also Cause Some Issues

Many people take herbal supplements for a variety of health conditions. Most are perfectly harmless, but some interfere with chemical medications’ efficiency. Some overpower the liver enzymes processing ability, rendering the medications either too low or too high in dosage. This, of course, can cause problems. Some people also decide to use marijuana for certain medical conditions, which can also lead to issues. Your biochemistry can change the way you experience the cannabis high at any given moment. No two people are alike in terms of biochemistry, and therefore cannabis affects everyone differently. You certainly don’t want to fall down into an episode of paranoia or anxiety, so be sure to be careful when using marijuana.


To truly live a Holistic Lifestyle you will want to find out the root cause of your illness or disease and heal your body and soul as a whole. However depending on how long you have been on medications or have suffered from anyone illness like diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure or IBS as well as many other illnesses that can be healed through lifestyle changes you will need to see a holistic health specialist and wheen yourself off of traditional medications slowly. Unfortunately, not all but many regular medical physicians will not work with you to help you live a truly holistic lifestyle because they make so much money from the prescription drug industry. The great news is, as the years go by more and more people are turning to more holistic remedies in an effort to better your health through more natural, long-term means, Just be sure that if you’re currently taking medications on a regular basis that you take precautions and seek professional help when changing your lifestyle. 


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