3 All-Natural Tips for Dealing with Body Odor

Wellness / Friday, April 19th, 2019

Excessive sweating is often linked to body odor. Many people feel uncomfortable with their own bodies and the natural processes it goes through. That being said, it’s not so much the sweat itself that causes odor; instead, the foods and drinks you may be ingesting as well as certain particles on your skin create body odor. Our lifestyle heavily affects our body odor. There are several natural ways you can minimize body odor.

Diet Changes

What you eat and drink tends to influence the sweat that you produce. If you have tried a lot of methods for dealing with body odor that don’t seem to work, then experiment with diet changes to find what food or drinks to avoid.

The Daily Meal points to alcohol, asparagus, onions, garlic, cruciferous vegetables, red meat, and more as common offenders that contribute to body odor. You don’t have to cut all of those things out of your diet completely, but be aware of the foods that can cause your sweat glands to produce odor. Some foods that you can add to your diet or eat more of that help prevent bad-smelling sweat are herbal teas, citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Essential Oils

If you have trouble with sweating because of anxious feelings or stress, essential oils can help. You can smell them to help calm your mind or apply a small, diluted amount to your skin. By reducing your stress, you won’t sweat as much, which in turn decreases body odor. Common essential oils that people use for relieving anxious feelings and stress include jasmine, lemon balm, holy basil, sweet basil, and lavender.

doTERRA discusses how essential oils are also sold as mixtures that try to evoke certain emotions like acceptance, relaxation, and more. They also try to make scents that release stress and anxious feelings, which can help you stay calm and not stressed.

Vinegar or Witch Hazel

Thompson Tee recommends another natural way of fighting body odor is to apply vinegar or witch hazel to your armpits. Don’t do this right after shaving. A good time for applying vinegar or witch hazel to your armpits is after a shower.

Vinegar smells at first, but the smell disappears within several minutes. How do these two substances reduce body odor? They lower the pH of your skin, and that makes it more difficult for odor-causing bacteria to thrive.

Body odor can be indirectly caused by many things, like certain food and drinks, anxious feelings and stress, and simply being prone to sweating. Being aware of your body’s natural odors can help you create plans to counter those smells with good ones. It may be helpful to keep some sort of health journal to help you track the causes. By implementing the tips above, you can reduce or eliminate bad smells without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals.

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