10 Powerful Essential Oils

Essential Oils / Monday, December 25th, 2017

Oils, Why Are they Essential?

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I love Essential Oils! You may have probably already heard about some of the impressive benefits of using essential oils… they are all the rage these days. I myself use them daily and have for years.

There are so many benefits of Essential Oils and different ways to use them, but before we get to all them. Let me tell you a personal story that affected me in the summer of 2017.

Those who know me know I love to be outside when the weather is nice and I actually enjoy landscaping, I know I’m crazy! So one warm June day I decided to cut back the overgrown vines and brush on my property, which I have done many many times over the years, however this year we had an outbreak of Poison Oak and yep you guessed it, I got it all over me! It was bad! Below is a picture of just a 10th of the rash that I ended up getting on over  50% of my body. From my neck to my legs.


Find Out how to treat Poison Oak with essential oils. #poisonoak #rash #essentialoils
Poison Oak Rash


So I made my very own ointment. I used Almond Oil as the carrier oil, Peppermint oil (to soothe the burning), Lavender oil (to relieve pain and disinfect) and tea tree oil (which fights bacterial and fungal skin ailments). I used it daily for 6 to 8 weeks.

And this is my arm after 2 months of using essential oils.


Find out how to get rid of a rash and scars using essential oils. #poisonoak #rash #essentialoils
Results from Using Essential Oils


I am almost 100% scar free, I am very happy with the overall results and I continue to use the ointment regularly to help nourish my skin.


Essential Oils are Growing in Popularity

However, they have been in use for thousands of years for many different types of health, medicinal, meditation and spiritual purposes.

These healing oils work well as a natural medicine without the dangerous side effects that many OTC drugs have. You can use essential oils effectively for relaxation, a better night’s sleep, aromatherapy, cleaning, and alternative medicine.


What Are Essential Oils? 

Essential oils get their powerful organic healing properties from compounds that are extracted from plants such as Leaves, flowers, bark, and peels.

For over 5,000 years, many different cultures have used these healing plant oils for a variety of health conditions.
They have many different therapeutic benefits that stem from their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties.


How Do you use Essential Oils?


  • Oils can be Absorbed directly thru the skin

Once they penetrate the skin, they can be absorbed into the bloodstream and sent to all parts of the body. They can also be mixed with other carrier oils (like coconut oil or almond oil) to be spread out over the skin.

If using directly on the skin avoid eyes and use just a drop or two. Like behind your earlobes or on your wrist.

If making an ointment use 7 drops of oil to every 3 tsp of carrier oil.


  • Oils can be Inhaled

This is what’s known as aromatherapy.
Because essential oils are highly concentrated as well, they have strong aromatic benefits and once inhaled, are absorbed by the lungs into the body.  A Diffuser is most beneficial when wanting to inhale oils.


  • Oils can be Ingested

Be very careful because they are so concentrated, they should be diluted in water if ingested.


  • Oils can also be added to household items.

Add them to your natural personal care products like shampoo, lotions, deodorant, bug spray, and even laundry soap and household cleaners.

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Benefits of Essential Oils 

*Fight cold and flu symptoms
*Relax your body and soothe sore muscles
*Heal skin conditions
*Alleviate pain
*Balance hormones
*Improve digestion
*Reduce cellulite and wrinkles
*Clean your home
*Used in homemade personal care products


The Top 10 Essential Oils 


1. Clove—Clove oil is an antibacterial, antiparasitic, antioxidant oil. It has natural anesthesia properties and can be used for pain. It is often used on wounds to prevent infections, and it has powerful pain-killing properties as well. Mothers often use clove oil for their teething infants since it is safe, natural and powerfully effective.

2. Eucalyptus—An invigorating oil that is often used in aromatherapy to help purify the body, and improve sinus and allergy symptoms as well. Works great with a neti pot during allergy season.

3. Ginger— Ginger is well known to reduce inflammation, help digestion, relieve nausea, and improve circulation. Also metabolism-boosting, a few drops of this can increase your body’s ability to burn fat and gain energy!

4. Lavender—Lavender oil is a great anxiety reliever, and excellent for sound sleep. Place a drop behind each earlobe. Lavender oil also has powerful antibiotic powers and a few drops of will naturally clean and sterilize any surface.

5. Tea Tree—Tea tree oil is one of the most powerful antifungal, antibiotic oils that are great for bites, scrapes, and cuts.

6. Oregano— Works well when fighting off a cold or a virus, and can also kill bacterial and parasitic found in stomach infections.

7. Rosemary— Rosemary is known to stimulate brain function, so it’s great to use when working or studying. Place drops into a diffuser. Rosemary also contains properties that can naturally thicken hair, so it’s great added to shampoos.

8. Orange—Orange oil is referred to as the ‘happy’ oil, so it’s known to improve mood and works as an antidepressant and a calming agent. It has properties to improve digestion and clears up acne. Also great in a diffuser.

9. Peppermint—Peppermint oil has been proven to help your fitness workout so you can work out harder and longer. Just add a dab on your wrist or behind your earlobes. Peppermint has also long been known to soothe the stomach, improve focus, reduce fever, stop muscle pain and alleviate headaches, just put a dab on your temples.

10. Frankincense—Frankincense is one of the oldest essential oils and has a variety of uses. It is considered a mood enhancer, stress reducer, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial and digestive aid. Frankincense oil also works well on the skin to heal wounds and reduce scarring, itching, and swelling.  (I should have used this on my Poison Oak)


PLEASE NOTE: Not all essential oils are alike, so it’s important to get the highest quality therapeutic essential oils, some of the cheaper ones may be synthetic oils and worthless for health benefits. Also as of lately a lot of oils found thru third-party retailer have been found to be tampered with by cutting the oils with water or alcohol. To make sure you are getting the best essential oils buy them straight from the seller.


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  1. Hi Miranda, thank you for reminding me about tea tree oil. I’ve been using almond oil, lavender, & peppermint on my face. My mom suggested it was rosacea after her Dr. put her on an antibiotic for it. The oils have definitely helped me, but I’m going to add tea tree oil to it.

  2. I am just getting into essential oils and this post gave some new ideas and inspiration to try. I’ve been Using lavender oils for years and am just starting to educate myself and branch out. Thanks!

    1. If you don’t have a Diffuser I highly recommend one. I have one on my desk, and I defuse Orange oil, one in my bedroom (I use lavender oil most often) and one in the living room, that scent varies, currently eucalyptus for allergies.

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