5 Techniques to Keep Calm and Stress Less

Wellness / Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

Stress feels terrible, but many people are reluctant to actually deal with it. They’ll try to hold it in or use things like alcohol and food as a temporary remedy. However, trying to ignore stress only causes it to grow, resulting in sometimes debilitating physical and mental side effects. Here are five techniques to fight overwhelming stress.

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Have you ever tried to think your way out of a problem only to end up under even more stress? Your thoughts can cause so much stress as you worry about the outcome of something in your future. Meditation teaches you to detach yourself from your thoughts so you can re-center yourself before jumping back into the thick of things again. Thinking is a natural process, but it doesn’t need to control your life. 

When we think of meditation we think of yoga or someone sitting on the beach or overlooking a mountain but let’s face it most of us live in the suburbs or loud busy cities so how do we find a place to relax or mind and become calm?

There are many helpful audiobooks and music that can help you detach from your busy surroundings. Designate a place in your home or yard that is free from clutter and distractions. Maybe you have a rooftop you can escape to or a nearby park. Another option is a dark and quiet group exercise room at your local gym. Go when there are no classes in session. 

Source: All Storage Online | Tips for Reducing Clutter

Stressed? Learn to Fight Stress with these 5 techniques including mediation at The Healthy Lifestyle Regiment
Meditate From Anywhere


The point is with some thought in creativity you can find your little piece of paradise or serenity amongst the chaos. Get more info on how meditation can improve your quality of health and fight stress. Click Here for More Help and Resources. 

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Exercise and Diet

Getting a workout in sometime during the day helps shake off the bad energy caused by stress. Running a mile or going for a swim isn’t going to solve the problems that are causing you stress, but they can definitely help you free up mental energy and burn off anxious energy.

Use exercise to fight stress and get 4 other unique techniques to control your stress levels from this article at The Healthy Lifestyle Regiment.


After a workout, see how much clearer your mind feels and whether you come up with new ideas for solving your problems. I personally always think more clearly after a good work out, it is proven that working out improves cognitive function and releases melatonin which helps you relax. 

Be sure to also look to your diet to help improve your stress. This isn’t to say to take up a restrictive diet that could cause anxiety if not followed, but more to seek foods that could help deal with your stress. Dark chocolate, nuts, greens like spinach, and salmon could help. Additionally, natural remedies like CBD oil could also help you relax while also helping with pain management. Don’t exclude food as a way to deal with stress in a healthy manner, it is certainly possible.


Use Muscle Testing

Stress can be so intense that it is difficult to discern how it even started. You may not remember how it started but your subconscious does. Muscle testing is a practice that involves questioning your subconscious for what’s causing you to stress and using the body to help guide you to the right conclusion. You can perform muscle testing on yourself and see how it helps you handle stress.

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Unlock your trapped emotions by clicking the link below. 

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Stress is as big or small as you allow it to be. When you throw every stressful moment or thought together, you end up seeing every slight setback as an obstacle that’s impossible to overcome. Jotting down your thoughts consistently allows you to see just how manageable stress is. It also allows you to externalize the emotions that you’ve internalized.

Learn how to Manage and Fight Stress with 5 Unique Techniques inside this article by Healthy Lifestyle Regiment. #stressmanagment #exploringthemind #meditation

At the end of each day, make a note of how you’re feeling. Hopefully, you’ll gain a better sense of how stress manifests in your life and how you deal with it best.



When you have a stomach bug, you know to see a doctor. If your stress is getting the best of you, schedule an appointment with a therapist. These trained professionals will provide a safe space for you to share your concerns. Remember that your success in therapy ultimately comes down to how much you’re willing to be open.

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Stressed? Learn to fight stress with 5 Techniques found inside this article by The Healthy Lifestyle Regiment. #therapy #meditation #fightstress

Maybe your not ready to open up to a stranger about your in most secrets than maybe your better suited for online lessons and tutorials. The most important part is that you take the leap, don’t be scared, there is help out there to live a healthy life and learn to embrace the stress, use it to grow stronger. You can find many helpful videos at CreativeLive.

Think of your mind like a pot of food cooking on a stove. Stress is like when your mind starts boiling over: you can’t just hope that it’ll resolve itself. You need to be taking action to reduce the heat. With these techniques, you’ll be better equipped to fight stress.

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