The Healthy Fish Debate

Nutrition / Thursday, July 12th, 2018


Which Fish should you should you choose on your next trip to the grocery store. Find out why Tilapia is not the best option and what healthy fish is better.

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Alaskan Cod: The Healthy Choice 

Today we are going to talk about the difference between Healthy Fish Options and uncover the answer to, “Why is Tilapia Bad?”  The reason most people consume fish is for the health benefits, but what makes a fish healthy?  Fish contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids, that are not found in many other foods.

Omega-3 Health Benefits Include: Lowering the risk of developing the cardiovascular disease by preventing inflammation and reducing cholesterol and other fats in the bloodstream, as well as maintaining a normal blood pressure. 

Omega-6 Fatty Acids get a bad reputation but they are actually a great anti-inflammatory.



 The Truth Behind Tilapia

The reason most people buy Tilapia is that it’s a cheap, “non-fishy tasting”, easy to prepare and readily available.
The problem is 95% of store bought tilapia is mass produced out of China and farm raised.

Which means they are grown in giant tanks and fed chicken and pig feces, as well as eating their own feces, Gross!  Tilapia will eat anything! Remember, “You are what you eat!”

They’re also given growth hormones and antibiotics to produce them quickly and to keep them alive. Along with pesticides to kill of sea lice. Causing tilapia to be very unhealthy and highly toxic.

Check Out this video from Thomas DeLauer a well known Health and Fitness Coach.


Now remember I said Omega-6 Fatty acids are beneficial, however in massed produced Tilapia the 1:1 ratio of Omega-3’s to Omega-6 Fatty Acids is very lopsided. The high level of Omega 6 Fat actually causes you to have Inflammation instead of protecting you from it.
Inflammation can lead to heart disease, arthritis, asthma and a slew of other diseases.

A great affordable alternative to Tilapia is Wild Cod. It’s similar in taste and easily found in supermarkets nationwide and much cheaper than the most popular healthy fish in America, Salmon.


 The Benefits of Eating Healthy Fish?

Alaskan Cod is more commonly called Pacific Cod because it is caught in the Wild off of the Pacific Northwest.  It’s mild flavor and cost, coming in at a dollar less per pound compared to Salmon makes it a favorite among fish lovers. Best of all is the health benefits you get from just one serving of Cod. The Three main Benefits are Protein, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Vitamin B12.


Lean Protein

Most fillets are 3-4oz and are only 70-80 Calories and boost 17-20 grams of complete protein. Making it a great healthy choice. One Serving contains 28-30% of the daily intake of protein for men and 35-37% recommended for women.  Men require 56 grams a day and women need 46 grams. Keep in mind if your extremely active or are looking to build muscle you will need to consume more. The numbers are all based on research done by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids

What’s amazing about Alaskan Cod is it’s virtually fat-free. It only has 0.4 grams of total fat, yet a large percentage of that is in the form of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s are considered “Healthy Fats”. We all need omega-3 to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by preventing inflammation and reducing cholesterol and other fats in our bloodstream which helps us maintain normal blood pressure. Fish and fish oils are essential because Omega-3’s are something our body can not produce on its own.  From one serving men get 9% of their required daily intake and women get a 13%.



The main essential vitamin found in Alaskan Cod is Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal-based foods and Alaskan Cod is one of the best sources. These vitamins are essential for a healthy metabolism and nervous system function, and they help keep your hair and skin healthy.

According to The National Institute of Health, A 3oz serving of cod contain 82% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin B12.


Other Omega-3 Sources

If you do not like fish there are alternatives: You can get your Omega-3’s from supplement pills and oils. I recommend Wild Foods Fish Oil.  Its one of the best tasting, non-fishy, lemon flavor, burpless oils on the market and is certified by Friends of the Sea! 

Wild Foods Omega 3 Fish Oils, Get a bottle today!

However, if you have never had Alaskan Cod I encourage you to give it a try, you may be a fish lover yet! 

Click the Link for an Easy and Very Tasty 20 Minute Alaskan Cod Recipe.


Caution those with Shellfish Allergies

Do NOT take Fish Oil Supplements. You can get your omega 3’s from Flaxseed and Chia Seeds. Get these tasty smoothie recipes to add flaxseed and chia seeds to your daily regiment.


Vegan Option:  MHP Ahiflower Oil Omega 3 Capsule! Vegan, Non-GMO, Pure, And Kosher!

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 Most people consume fish for the health benefits, but what makes a fish healthy? Find out in this article why we need omega 3's and what the best source is to get these fish oils from for the best price.
Find out which Fish is the Healthiest. Fish contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids, that are not found in many other foods. #eatclean #omega3 #fishrecipes

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  1. I love fish! Especially salmon. But that adds up when going grocery shopping. I was never into tilapia. I am glad there is a better alternative that I can provide my husband that loves tilapia. 🙂

  2. I can’t remember having Alaskan Cod prior to a few weeks ago. We got an Alaskan Cod recipe from Blue Apron and it was better than any Tilapia that I have ever had. Totally agree with this post.

  3. My husband loves Salmon and I didn’t really grow up eating fish, so we usually go with Salmon. I loved your information though and I think I will check out Alaskan Cod next time I’m at the store. Thanks so much!

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