Why You Should Add Omega-7 Supplement To Your Daily Regiment

Supplements / Friday, June 22nd, 2018

When it comes to the omega nutrients, Omega-7 is one that is often overlooked. Omega-7 is not found in a lot of food sources, making a daily omega-7 supplement an ideal choice.  It is found in cold-water fatty fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, trout)…macadamia nuts…and an orange-colored, grape-sized fruit called sea buckthorn berries.

Omega-7  is a type of fatty acid like three and six, and it also serves as a primary energy source for the cells.  It is a good idea to learn the basics of this fatty acid to see what it might do to boost your well-being.


Benefits of taking an Omega-7  Supplement Daily

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Improved Cholesterol Balance

LDL cholesterol is the cholesterol type you don’t want much of, and omega-7 supplement helps to keep this type in balance so that it does not get too high and increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. This nutrient may further reduce disease risk by ensuring that your HDL, or good cholesterol, levels are at the right level in the body. Having enough good cholesterol helps to keep the bad type in check.


Healthy Glucose Metabolism

Type 2 diabetes affects millions of people every year, and your diet plays a significant role in your risk of developing it. One of the most significant contributors to this type of diabetes is not being sufficiently sensitive to the insulin hormone.

Those with diabetes are also at a higher risk of developing renal failure and cardiovascular disease. Omega-7 supplement has been shown to help the body to more efficiently metabolize glucose by improving insulin sensitivity.


Reduced Inflammation

One of the primary protein markers for inflammation is known as C-reactive protein. Harmful stimuli cause an immune system response that triggers inflammation to aid in the body healing. However, when this process experiences abnormalities, chronic inflammation is possible.

When constant, inflammation may serve as the foundation for a variety of diseases from cardiovascular illness to conditions, such as psoriasis and multiple sclerosis. Omega-7 has been shown to aid in keeping C-reactive protein levels regular which contributes to a reduced risk of chronic inflammation.


Weight Management

Being able to lose excess weight or maintain your already healthy weight is a definite struggle. It is important to remember that your diet is an essential element when it comes to a healthy weight. Omega 7 may help to reduce appetite by helping the hormone leptin to control satiety. This nutrient might also aid in your body burning calories more efficiently by increasing fatty acid oxidation and moderating de novo lipogenesis.


With this information, it is easier to see where this fatty acid may fit into your supplement regimen and your overall efforts to change into a more holistic lifestyle for your health. One of the best sources of Omega 7 is sea buckthorn, so this is a good supplement to start with to ensure that you are getting sufficient amounts of this nutrient in your daily diet.

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