Oregano Oil the Cold and Flu Killer

Essential Oils / Monday, February 19th, 2018

 Nature’s Antibiotic

Oregano Oil Natures Antibiotic. Find out more about this holistic way to fight back against the flu season. #natiuralremedies #fighttheflu #stayhealthy


Fight the Flu Naturally 

If you watch the news you have probably been as freaked out as I have. I see reports of elderly people and infants dying of flu symptoms yearly but this year the numbers have skyrocketed. There is Good News however if you get sick, are feeling run down or even if you are going to be out in a public place or traveling there is a natural cold and flu remedy to protect yourself, Oregano Oil! That’s right oregano oil has been proven to have amazing results against fighting flu symptoms and relieving you of the common cold.

Here in my home state of Texas according to the (DSHS) Texas Department of State Health Service, 1,155 Deaths have been reported due to flu-related symptoms since October of 2017. That’s an average of 250 people dying from the flu monthly. These numbers keep increasing yearly. 

On a National level The CDC, Center for Disease Control, predicts a 5% increase over last year nationwide. They say the reason is that the Flu vaccine only has a 10-20% protection rate against the H3N2 strain that is affecting the most amount of people. That is super Low! 

The sad part is this happens every single year, as they update the Flu shot the Flu viruses also adapts and changes making it very ineffective. So this is why we have to protect ourselves from within and that is where Oregano oil steps up to the challenge and will continue to win. Find out more behind this natural cold and flu remedy.  


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Oregano Oil to the Rescue!

You should begin using oregano oil for cold and flu symptoms, as it contains various compounds that will strengthen the immune system.

Oregano essential oil has been proven scientifically to kill bacteria, viruses, fungal infections, and parasites.

Oregano has been used all the way back in ancient Grecian times as a highly effective medicinal herb. The Greeks used it for wounds, insect bites, snake bites, digestive and respiratory infections–and for good reason–oregano oil is the ultimate natural antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal!

Prescription antibiotic, which as you probably already know, will wipe out all bacteria within your body both the beneficial bacteria in your body, as well as the bad stuff.

Side Note: It can take up to an entire year to rebuild the healthy bacteria lost in your gut from taking antibiotics, leaving you acceptable to catching more parasites, and viruses.


Antibiotics ONLY fight Bacteria they do NOT fight against Parasites or Viruses.

In addition, many infections are now antibiotic-resistant, making them even harder to eliminate with conventional medical antibiotics. Before resorting to antibiotics, try a proven natural cold remedy first.

All in all, over 800 studies have been conducted on oregano oil. Its been proven to be effective against even antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

Oregano oil is also incredibly effective against food poisoning, stomach flu (due to parasites), eczema, sinus infections, nail fungus, acne, skin infections, insect bites, warts, allergies, and more.

However, oregano oil is very strong and can be irritating, so it must be diluted in a carrier oil when using on the skin. When taken internally, it is best to purchase and take as a prepared capsule, so you get the proper strength and dosage.

The reason Oregano Oil is so powerful is that the active ingredients in oregano oil include phenols, carvacrol (60-80%) and thymol (5%) which provide its antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant components.

Carvacrol is scientifically proven to be highly effective in killing off dangerous staphylococcus, norovirus, E.coli, listeria, campylobacter, and salmonella—all organisms that can cause violent food poisoning. Even better than an antibiotic (which only kills bacteria), carvacrol is a highly effective antiviral as well. Carvacrol is also an anti-inflammatory aid and can be used to calm down redness and swelling due to injuries or allergic reactions and insect bites.

Oregano essential oil is one of the most potent, versatile natural medicines. Keep it on hand at all times, and you are sure to enjoy its powerful and effective healing properties. Here are a couple Recommended Therapies.


For Cold and Flu Symptoms:

If you feel the onsets of the flu or cold take 1-2 Oregano Oil Capsules daily with food. I found these are not as easily available as the oil and if you do find them inside a Health Store they can be very pricey so I did some research and found some of very good quality online.

I recommend NOW Oregano Oil Pills 

Now Oregano Oil Pills


For a Sore Throat:

Sore throats are typically the sign of allergies or even worse the onset of a cold or flu. Nip that sucker in the Bud! Mix 1-2 drops oregano oil in a glass of warm salt water and gargle with the solution a couple of times a day.

I recommend Gurunanda Aromatherapy

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Free of any Toxins and Additives.

 Oregano Exotic Essential OIls 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade find out more about this oil and how you can use it to stay healthy during the cold and flu season at healthylifestyleregiment.com #fighttheflu #killacold #essentialoils



For Respiratory Congestion:

Diffuse 6 drops of Oregano Oil with water in a diffuser or Mix the Oil with a carrier oil and rub on the chest like Vapor Rub but be sure to always dilute the oil. Oregano is so powerful it will burn your skin if not diluted. For example, to one ounce of carrier oil (almond or olive oil) you would use 3-5 drops of essential oil. I use this little 2 oz. bottles. These bottles fit well in your car or purse and can be carried onto a plane because they follow the rules implemented by The Transportation Security Administration.

essential oil bottles


For Stomach Related Issues:

A lot of time well traveling we will develop digestive issues due to parasites. Most humans have parasites on a regular basis and never realize it. This is why Oregano is a wonderful oil to keep in your carry on to rescue you from ruining your vacation. No one wants to get stuck in their hotel while on vacation.  If you acquire a stomach bug take a pill twice a day or put oil directly under your tongue for a few minutes and rinse up to four times daily.


Medical Warning:

Oregano essential oil should not be used on infants. Also, nursing and pregnant woman should not use it due to it increasing circulation within the uterus. Increased circulation can cause miscarriages. People who are allergic to similar plants like mint, lavender, and sage could have a reaction to the oregano oil. With essential oils, remember a little always goes a long way and to use medical grade high-quality essential oils.

Oregano essential oil is one of the most potent, versatile natural medicines. The lengthy list of what it helps with is just too incredible to believe. Keep it on hand at all times, and you are sure to enjoy its powerful and effective healing properties. 


Leave a comment and let me know other ways this incredible oil has helped you and share your own natural cold remedy.  




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Oregano essential oil has been proven scientifically to kill bacteria, viruses, fungal infections, and parasites. Find Out More at The Healthy Lifestyle Regiment. #holistichealth #homeremedies #fighttheflu #coldremedies #sorethroat #upsetstomach
Learn how oregano oil is better then antibiotic and without the side effects. Kill The Flu and Cold with this home remedy. #holistichealth #homeremedies #coldandflu #upsetstomach #sorethroat

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  1. That is so interesting about Oregeno oil. The flu hit our family this year, it was so scary – Thankfully we able to catch it early. At what age do you recommend starting with this oil?

    1. After the age of 2 you may start topical use with a very low dilution, but keep in mind a child’s immune system takes years to fully develop, making them less able to deal with the adverse effects which may arise when concentrated products are used improperly on them. Herbs and hydrosols (water-based solutions) are often a better and safer choice for children.

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