What To Eat Post Work Out?

Fitness, Supplements / Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

 Feed Your Muscles 

I get asked this question a lot

“What should I eat after I work out?”Find out What to Eat Post Workout to Feed and Fuel your muscles. #workoutsnacks #protein #smoothies #stayfit

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What is the Best Post Work Out Snack?

Well, the truth is most people work out either before they go to work, in the middle of running errands or on their way home. In all of these scenario’s your more than likely not going to sit down immediately to eat and the truth is your body needs to ingest nutrients with 30 minutes post work out to help with recovery. So I usually go for something quick and easy to eat on the go.

I suggest Whey Protein shakes. They have a good balance of carbs to protein.

The reason you want this is when you push through a tough workout, your muscles are constantly challenged, and their fibers begin to break down and sustain damage. The process of repairing and rebuilding those fibers, called muscle protein synthesis, uses amino acids from protein to encourage healthy recovery and muscular growth.

Although any nutritious source of protein will help the process along, there are a few distinct advantages to drinking protein shakes after exercise.

It provides a lot of nutrition for relatively few calories (80-100). After exercise, your body needs that nutrition to recover, but it doesn’t need enough calories to negate all the effort you put forth during your workout.


For the Best Results

Find a protein shake that contains some carbs, or blend your shake with a carb-rich snack like a banana. Add it to your favorite smoothie.

According to the National Sports and Conditioning Association, when you eat carbs and protein in a 4:1 ratio within 30 minutes of exercise, you’ll recover faster and actually gain more strength.

However, not all Whey Protein is created equal. Most of them are isolated protein, highly processed and filled with fake sugar leading to inflammation and other health issues.

If the Label contains confusing words like these: Maltodextrin, dextrose, xylitol, sucralose……Stay Away! You Should NOT need a Chemistry degree to know what your ingesting. This is why so many protein shakes have gotten a bad reputation over the years and for a good reason, most of them are Horrible for you!

The label should be simple like this:Wild Foods Protein

I highly suggest WILD WHEY. It’s 100% Organic all natural whey from Grass Fed Cows and actually Tastes GOOD, that’s huge! What’s the point in spending money on something if you have to choke it down?

Wild Whey is undenatured native whey protein made from the grass-fed milk of happy cows that roam and graze on organic pastures year round. #protein #postworkout #musclegrowth #smoothies

Based on the type of work out you do you may be better off eating whole and natural foods. As whole foods provide greater overall nutrition.

Additionally, protein supplements aren’t associated as strongly with muscle and strength gains in people who typically perform endurance exercise rather than resistance exercise.


Other Quick and Easy Post Work Out Snacks

  • Banana and Organic PB Sandwich on Whole Wheat
  • Chocolate Milk
  • 1-2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Don’t forget to rehydrate. If you sweat a lot refuel with electrolytes but choose something low in sugar. I just found a new product I love, most energy drinks are full of sugar and artificial sweeteners, chemicals, and colors. Nooma drinks can be found at Whole Foods and are  100% USDA Organic.

Have A Great Work Out!

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Find out What to Eat Post Workout to Feed and Fuel your muscles. #postworkoutsnacks #protein #smoothies


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