Protein Packed Breakfast Muffins

Nutrition, Recipes / Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Make these Protein-packed Breakfast muffins on Sunday and you’ll have a fast and tasty breakfast for the entire week.  The best thing about food prep is knowing that when you wake up there’s already food waiting and ready within a minute or less.  The worst thing in the world is starting the day off hungry, hunger causes brain fog, tiredness, and mood swings.

These egg and sausage muffins are packed with protein and low in carbs which makes them perfect for a keto or low carb breakfast. For dairy-free, Whole 30, or Paleo egg muffins, simply omit the cheese.

Studies have proven that proteins take longer to break down compared to carbohydrates and fats keeping you fuller or satisfied for a longer period of time. This, in turn, results in most individuals who follow a high protein diet consuming fewer calories per day roughly 10%  or 200 calories compared to those who eat less protein.

However, this does not mean you should just consume protein all day. The average adult only needs 6oz per day. The trick is to find healthy proteins that are lean and have no artificial preservatives or nitrates which can be hard when it comes to breakfast related meats like sausage and bacon.

I like to use brands such as Jennie-O All Natural Turkey Sausage.

The part about these protein-based breakfast Muffins is you can customize them any way you want.  Add veggies, add spices and herbs. Get creative! I made mine with the base ingredients and then these additional add on’s.

1/4  cup chopped green bell pepper, 1/4 cup red bell pepper, 1/4 cup diced onion and 1/4 cup chopped spinach.

Get the Recipe for These tasty protein packed breakfast muffins at the healthy lifestyle regiment. They are great for a low carb diet and great for a person on the go, meal prep Sunday and Get up and Go all week long with these tasty muffins that will reheat in 30 sec. #keto #lowcarb # healthybrekfast #mealprep #easymeals

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Base Ingredients for 12 Sausage and Cheese Muffins

Only want half a dozen cut the recipe in half. One Egg Per Muffin

  • 12 Eggs 
  • 1lb  Ground Lean Turkey Sausage
  • 1 cup Cheddar Cheese
  • pinch of salt

Additional Ingredients to Add-In to Customize Muffins

  • Onions
  • Bell Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Bacon or Ham instead of Sausage
  • Feta or Mozzarella instead of Cheddar

Baking Instructions

  • Preset oven to 350F.
  • Mix all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl.
  • Pour evenly (no more than 3/4 full) into lightly greased 12 Cup Muffin Pan
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes.


Storage and Reheating Instructions

Breakfast Egg Muffins. Refrigerate or Freeze and reheat within 30 secs

After Muffins have cooled off store baked muffins in an airtight container.

Refrigerate for up to 5 days or Freeze for up to 2 months.

Reheat in the microwave for roughly 15 seconds or 30 seconds wrapped in a damp paper towel if frozen.


Let me know what addons you try and what you think by leaving a comment below.


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Protein packed breakfast egg muffins. Very versatile, tasty and simple to make. Make a dozen Sunday and have a Breakfast on the go in 30 seconds or less all week long. #protein #healthydiet #quickbreakfast #paleo #keto #lowcarb

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