Suffering from Leg Pain? Here’s 3 Things You Can Try for Relief

Fitness / Monday, May 27th, 2019

There are many reasons why a person might be experiencing leg pain. Generally, leg pain is caused by muscle tension or a misalignment in the body. You can relieve your leg pain by releasing the tension and aligning your back and the rest of your body. Three of the best ways to relieve leg pain are using a foam roller, using a traction table, and stretching.

Foam Roller

Gaiam talks about how foam rollers are an affordable product that you can use to massage trigger points and tight muscles. Muscle tightness is a common cause behind leg pain. Many professional athletes use foam rollers to avoid and to treat pain. Similar to stretching or getting a professional deep tissue massage, foam rolling can feel uncomfortable or slightly painful. It should be a bearable type of pain, so stop if it hurts too much, and try to target a nearby area.

Use your body weight to apply moderate pressure to a certain muscle group or muscle that affects your leg. Slowly roll without going faster than one inch per second. Pause and relax on areas that are tight or painful. This will help the trigger point release. For areas that are too painful, work on releasing the surrounding areas.

Traction Table

American Stem Cell explains that traction tables allow for gentle spinal stretching with the goal of alleviating leg pain due to spinal compression. A traction table can help relieve your leg pain because it helps align the spine and body. When the spine or pelvis is out of alignment, it can cause pain in various areas of the body. Many seek out the help of chiropractors and other spine related doctors to assist them in their desires of having an aligned skeleton.

If you’re currently receiving regenerative medicine therapy, then wait at least four to eight weeks before trying a traction table. Traction, heavy loads, resistance, and NSAIDs need to be avoided during recovery from regenerative medicine.


Iso describes how performing a set of stretches for your leg muscles on a daily basis can help relieve leg pain. Important muscle groups to stretch are the quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves. Set aside a time of day to perform your stretches every day for the best results. Many people find success in incorporating stretches throughout their day, for example, taking a couple minutes at work to stretch your entire body can improve overall quality of life. Over time, you will improve your flexibility, which helps prevent pain and injuries. It also allows for lasting relief.

Consider the cause behind your leg pain to choose the best treatment method. A foam roller massages trigger points in your muscles that contribute to pain. If spinal or pelvic misalignment is causing your leg pain, then consider trying a traction table. Regular stretching is an excellent preventative measure to take for keeping your muscles flexible and relaxed, and it supplements other methods well. Stretching can also assist in relieving pain once it has occurred.

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